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The complete Wedding Video Package

Vivid believe that every couple should have the full wedding film experience. Some wedding video companies will offer a base price and if you want to add elements then it will cost you. Vivid take a very different tact and give you the whole day with no add-ons. We are there from the moment the bride and groom are getting ready till late into the evening when the party has got going, only leaving when we are confident we have captured the whole day.

Wedding Video contents

Our complete wedding package includes the following.

  • Trailer
  • Bride and grooms preparation
  • The guests arriving at the venue
  • The ceremony highlights (normally 15-20 minutes)
  • Leaving the venue
  • Wedding Reception
  • The 1st Dance
  • Wedding party
  • Wedding highlights.

There are also fully edited and complete

  • Wedding speeches
  • Guest messages.

Two Editing Options

We can edit the final footage in two distinct ways. The first is the more contemporary wedding film. This will comprise of the above sections edited into one complete film of the day. This will normally be around 50 minutes long. The second more traditional edit, is to have the video broken down into each individual chapter. As part of the package there is also completely edited full-length speeches and guest messages.

Please watch our short wedding highlights video to get an understanding of the quality that Vivid delivers.

Wedding Music

We let the couple choose their 10 favourite tracks and we sort out all the wedding music licences required.

Vivid did not want to just show you a wedding highlights video, so we have broken down each stage of the wedding film package so that you can get a perfect understanding of the wedding film service that Vivid Weddings offer.