Should you get a video of your wedding day?

//Should you get a video of your wedding day?

Should I get a wedding video? Wedding video blog by Vivid Weddings

Should I get a wedding video?

Yes…. We could leave it there but within this blog I wanted to explore a few of the many benefits of getting a wedding video for your special day.

As we all know, weddings can be very expensive. Naturally one of the expenses that can be passed over when adding up the final bill is a wedding video. The reason for this blog is to explain, from my own personal experiences, why this should not be the case.

A busy day

On the day itself, with so much activity, you inevitability do not get to witness much of the proceedings. You only see the day from your perspective. You never get to see your partner getting ready and their interactions with family and friends.  What did the guests get up to over the course of the day? You might benefit from seeing the ceremony one more time but from a different perspective.

Balancing your wedding budget

Balancing the budget

There are so many costly elements to a wedding. Flowers get chucked after the day, favours are a nice gesture, but not much more than that. The one thing that you will keep forever is a wedding video. So before you pay for the mime artist to do the obligatory rope pulling trick. Before releasing a dozen white doves, please spend a moment and think. Could this money be better suited creating a real lasting memento of the day?

Wedding Video Memories

Lasting memory

As long as with the marriage itself (of course), video and photography are one of the only elements that you get to keep after the day has finished. Having got married a few years ago, we watched our wedding video numerous times over the intervening months. Whilst the viewings have dropped off somewhat, my wife and I still watch it every now and then. But the main point is we have that option. I could go right now and play the video. If you do not get a wedding video then you do not have that option. I now have a couple of young daughters, who love sitting down to watch mummy and daddy getting married. This is also added to by both our parents showing their copies to anyone who dare to sit in their lounge. I suppose, the real benefit is that this is something we can watch for many years to come.

Smartphone wedding video

D.I.Y wedding video

Whilst a wedding video company will provide a professional job and a complete wedding video package. There is nothing against creating your own video. Have a selection (more the better) of designated friends/family members capturing moments throughout the day. Once all collated you or friend can then turn this into a short wedding video of the day. Unlike the picture above, please make sure all participants shoot with the phone in a horizontal fashion.

Geniune bias

I appreciate that I am going to be biased on this topic, but this is something that I genuinely believe in. As mentioned this was something that was really important to myself and my wife. While it was a relatively large expense of  the day, it has allowed us to watch our special day over and over. Therefore, I urge couples to look at the expenses that they will incur from their wedding and look what they will keep as a memento of the day. What is important to you to remember your special day? I hope you make the right choice for you. Don’t just take my biased viewpoint, please click on this wedding video article to find out more.

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