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Project Description

Nickie & Adrian

Ceremony Venue – St Anthony’s Church – Wythenshawe

Reception Venue – Pinewood Hotel – Handforth

For our corporate side of our video production work, we had worked a few times with Nickie, she had been a model and actress for various filming requirements. Therefore, we were excited when she asked Vivid to film her upcoming wedding.

The Vivid team went to each of the couple’s family homes to film the bride and grooms wedding preparations. There was such a fun atmosphere in both households which certainly continued for the rest of the day.

St Anthony’s RC is a large and imposing community church with a very impressive ceiling. Add to this the couple’s emotional ceremony and songful congregation, it made for a heart warming and memorable occasion.

After the ceremony, the wedding party moved over to the Pinewood Hotel to hold the wedding reception. The sun was shining and everyone, especially the children, made full use of the lovely grounds at the hotel. We captured some great moments that I’m sure put a smile on many people’s faces.

The party was a highlight of the night. Adrian is a leading flair bartender and of course had a cocktail booth set-up to show his numerous skills. We even produced an extra ‘flair edit’ featuring his special performance. The guest’s seemed to enjoy the added bonus of having cocktails on tap. The dancing went on until the early hours!

It was great to be part of Nickie’s wedding and part of such a special day.